Project -

Affordable Housing

Dalmore, Scotland
for Albyn Housing Society Ltd

An attractive contemporary development set around high quality greenspace with green linkages between focal points.

The ‘Dalmore’ project is an ongoing development site for housing on a prominent greenfield site owned by Albyn HS. Bracewell Stirling won the design commission for the project through a rigorous design competition procedure to prepare a masterplan showing a comprehensive vision for the phased development of the site.   The project was progressed through the major applications PAC process so required a high level of community consultation and liaison with various parties.  This included close liaison with the nearby school and community groups.  The design was amended to take into account the main comments raised through the consultation process. 


As this is a ‘flagship’ development for Albyn, the layout design and the units required to be innovative while making best use of the site.  The principles of ‘Designing Streets’ were incorporated into the design using a variety of parking courts and angular road geometry to slow down traffic and offer priority back to the pedestrian.  This innovative design proved a challenge to gain approvals but through close liaison with the local authority the design was agreed and approved.  The house designs are extremely efficient footprints while comfortably meeting the HVN standards.  A mixed pallette of materials such as tile, metal deck, prefinished timber composite boards and rendered boards are ultilised for the external finishes to create crisp contemporary building lines.  The energy efficiency and sustainability of the designs are also paramount. A study was carried out to create a matrix to compare differing constructions, heating and ventilation strategies and their costs to inform the detailed design.