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21 contemporary, three-storey flats with stunning views to Ben Nevis, utilising off-site manufacturing.

This project involved the redevelopment of a prominent brownfield site restricted by close proximity to the main North road running through Fort William and other buildings.

The solution proposed a compact 3 storey building with shared access spaces, developed around an internal courtyard. 21 comfortable flats each with a large glazed Juliet Balcony facing south or east to utilise available solar gains and exploit the breathtaking views.

The design utilised Modern Methods of Construction, offsite manufactured, highly insulated, high quality construction, with minimised waste, significantly reduced construction periods and reduced air permeability.  The remaining space on site provides all the required parking spaces, bin/cycle storage, drying areas in an attractive landscaped setting. The landscaping has been designed to provide attractive areas with low future maintenance requirements.  A hard landscaped central courtyard with shared areas, grasscrete areas provide additional accessible parking which breaks up the hard surfaces.  Low maintenance shrubs are used as visual barriers and grass is replaced by gravel or bark. To ensure energy efficiency the in-house SAP calculations were finely tuned to achieve the best U values, ventilation and heating solutions within the budget. Use of MVHR and high performance windows along with the highly insulated building envelope improved thermal performance and addressed traffic noise.

Distillery Cottages Site, Fort William

Client – The Highland Council
Completed – 2015

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