Project -

New build care home

Newton Mearns

New build care home providing 68 Bed Spaces with ancillary accommodation.

The Client was seeking to achieve even higher standards of care, through the provision of exemplary accommodation and environmental standards. The brief to design a home accommodating 68 individual private en-suite bedrooms, with all necessary ancillary accommodation. Standards of space and comfort throughout the building were to substantially exceed those required by current guidance.

Utilising extensive research into previous care home design and the early commitment of significant resource to fully understanding the detailed requirements of designing for Dementia, the team developed designs which incorporated standard solution where these were beneficial, but also questioned traditional assumptions in other aspects of the design with the aim of raising the standards of liveability.

The completed home delivers 68 rooms within 6 groups over three arms which feed off a central ‘street.’ The ‘street’ houses facilities such as a hair salon, cinema room, café and private dining room and provides a spacious and comfortable area for welcoming visitors. It leads to a secure back of house services area where the kitchen, laundry, staff facilities and plant areas are housed.

The building envelops south facing garden areas with ground floor rooms having direct access to private patio spaces leading to secure central landscaped courts. At first floor a large terrace with a glazed balcony provides an opportunity for outdoor activities and visually connects with the landscaped gardens. This terrace doubles as a canopy to protect a large patio area beneath which can be use in less clement conditions.

Circulation zones connect private living spaces with larger group rooms for social interaction and group activities. They also provide access to assisted bathing facilities, as well as to quiet retreat areas with views to localised garden areas offering variation in outlook. These quiet spaces also offer opportunities for contemplation, reading or using I.T. 

The internal spaces are carefully designed to ease of navigation by users through use of a variety of textures, colour and lighting solutions aimed at highlighting the targeted activity.

The building has been finished to an extremely high standard and achieves a homely feel within a comfortable environment. It adopts progressive privacy zoning and includes a variety of spaces offering opportunities for casual and organised social interaction. It maximises the potential of both visual and physical linkage between internal and external spaces, with high levels of natural daylight being utilised to enhance use of the spaces. 

A high level of sustainability has been delivered through balancing building fabric enhancements and renewable energy sourcing which has resulted in energy efficiencies and reduced running costs.

The successful delivery of this facility within budget and programme led to a further commission for a care unit at Falkirk, providing 32 bed spaces and incorporating the best practice lessons learned at Newton Mearns as well as further developing design solutions for the benefit of the residents and staff.